About BAM Vermeer Uitzend B.V.

B.A.M. Vermeer Uitzend B.V. is a temporary employment agency specialized in flexible workforce within the agricultural sector, like working in glasshouses, animal care, as a field worker or as a gardener. Also, we are providing technical employees.

Our employees, mostly with East-European nationality, are recruited and selected in their country of origin. B.A.M. Vermeer Uitzend B.V. has several offices abroad to be able to provide this service.

It is very important for us to focus on recruiting and selecting motivated employees, who are willing to build a long term work-related relationship in the Netherlands

Also the right ‘chemistry’ between our employee and our clients is important. To achieve this, we are taking all the requirements of our client into account in order to find that one employee that will fit the job perfectly.

As a flexible service provider, we are aware of the fact that any kind of organizational change will take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. That’s why we aim to provide the same employees to the same employer each time, also during seasonal work. This is our main focus in building up and establishing a long term relationship with our employees and with our clients.


To reinforce the quality of our (internal) activities, we are a member of the NBBU (collective agreement of employment), and we are in possession of the following certificates:



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