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Since 2010 B.A.M. Vermeer Logistics B.V. is offering the solution to load all kind of long cargo fast, simple and secure into standard sea containers.

We do this with a specially designed frame where-on the cargo is being placed and secured. The frame including the cargo is being pushed into the sea container. On the place of arrival the frame with the cargo can be pulled out from the sea container by using the towing hitches that are build into the frame.

By this system we are reducing costs:

  • Expensive rental costs of Open-Top or Open-Side sea containers.
  • Labor costs to open and close an Open-Top sea container.
  • Labor costs to internally load and secure a sea container.
  • Damages as a result of shifting and hoisting cargo in difficult positions by both loading and unloading.

And we are preventing:

  • Work accidents as a result of hoisting long cargo by a crane, where the cargo needs to be controlled by a person standing inside the Open-Top sea container.

We can load sea containers on almost any location in Europe. We have multiple belt-trailers that gives us enough back-up possibilities to guarantee our clients that we can load the long cargo in time.

Mostly we are doing this for overseas construction projects but of course we are always interested in alternative projects, our office staff will be happy to help you.

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